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Communication is essential toward keeping your customers engaged. Text Incorporated uses 2-way text marketing, email marketing, and website widgets to engage with your audience. 

2-Way Text Marketing
Boost your revenue by filling slow periods with Advanced Text Messaging Tools. Out of sight, out of mind! Not with Text Incorporated! Our unique SMS Marketing platform helps you engage your customers like never before.

Customize each message with customer name, loyalty program details and/or recent activity or status.

Deliver your message directly to your customers’ phones through our TCPA-compliant SMS marketing platform.

Want to send a promotion to all your passive customers? Or want to quickly fill open slots on a slow day? Easy! It’s just 2 clicks away!


Keep in touch With Email. 

Our Email Marketing platform is truly smart, and with it, you can:

  • Segment your customers based on their activity, status or last purchase, and customize your message for each segment.
  • Use drip campaigns to educate your clients about all your services or engage them in a smart follow-up system.
  • Use email content and theme templates that we provide for each US holiday to engage your customers automatically over the holidays.

Remember, engaged customers are loyal customers!


Convert Website Traffic

Adding a website widget can increase the number of leads you capture by 2200%.

Start promoting your new client offer on your website and turn unknown visitors into new customers.

Collect customer information and payments for your services.

Track sources of traffic, number of visits, and conversion to new customers.

This is the single most powerful tool you can add to your website.