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Build Your database


Utilize your existing customer database to generate additional revenue. Get your customers to visit your business more often and for longer periods of time.

Generate Fresh Leads


Adding a website widget can increase the number of leads you capture by 2200%

  • Start promoting your new client offer on your website and turn unknown visitors into new customers
  • Collect customer information and payments for your services
  • Track sources of the traffic, number of visits and conversion to new customers

This is the single most powerful tool you can add to your website.

Smart WiFi


Embrace the power of Smart Wifi Marketing. Collect customer data, send valuable offers, and get customized reports with Text Incorporated Smart Wifi Solution.

Smart WiFi

Having an effective lead capture system can either make or break your business. The more leads a business has the greater its earning potential is and not all lead capture systems are created equally. A Smart WiFi system may be just the thing to help get you these leads and cater to all your WiFi marketing needs.

Increase Customer Engagement with Smart Line Tracking Number


Smart Line will turn your inbound calls into valuable contacts. Smart Line helps you increase your customer engagement by sending automated follow-up text messages after each call.

Integrate to CRM or POS System


Convert more leads into long term customers with Advanced CRM and Lead Management System. Track all client communication in one dashboard.

Get 22X Better Results


  • It’s the fastest way to bring customers back to your business
  • Fill slow days or open slots quickly
  • Two-way communication with dedicated 10 digit number
Automated Texting


Set up a schedule to text customers with reminders, appointments, or reservations. Engage with your audience, send, and receive text messages. 

Keep in Touch with Email


Our Email Marketing platform is truly smart, and with it you can:

Segment your customers based on their activity, status or last purchase, and customize your message for each segment.

Use drip campaigns to educate your clients about all your services or engage them in a smart follow-up system.

Use email content and theme templates that we provide for each US holiday to engage your customers automatically over the holidays.

Remember, engaged customers are loyal customers!

Manage YOur Existing Customers


Fully customized customer Loyalty Program

Our Smart Loyalty & Rewards Program has multiple ways to engage your customers and keep them coming back to your business.

With Text Incorporated, you can:

  • Identify your most loyal customers
  • Reward them with exclusive offers through our text and email marketing platforms
Gain Referrals


Our referral marketing automation program helps you grow your business. Create a custom referral campaign, get more referrals, and achieve exceptional marketing results.

As an alternative to traditional advertising, referral marketing is an ideal way to spread the word about your product or service through your existing customers. A referral campaign essentially helps your existing customers and brand advocates to promote your brand.

Referral tracking strategy allows you to embrace and make use of the connections you already have – people who already love your brand and your products, and who are happy to share that passion with the rest of the world. We are here to help you spread the word because we too trust the opinion of real people, and we want to help you harness that trust with a marketing referral strategy that works wonders.

Reputation Management


A 1-star increase in reviews can lead to a 14% increase in revenue

Only existing customers registered in the program can write reviews about your business, protecting you against spammers and fake reviews.

With Text Incorporated Smart Review Technology, you can prevent bad reviews from leaking into the internet-o-sphere and hurting your online reputation for good.

Our system engages every customer to post reviews and give feedback.